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Why does having a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy matter?

The reasons why a DEI strategy matters are countless and we can spend the full day just talking about that but to truly grasp the importance of DEI strategy for businesses, it’s important to understand the environment in which we all exist today.

We have just come out of a global pandemic which brought on the phenomenon that The Great Resignation has been. For the first time ever we live in an employee market, not an employer market.

Diversity & Inclusion has always been essential for business success and growth. With that said, what the pandemic in combination with ongoing structural injustices and movements like Black Lives Matter did was amplify what many have been feeling for a long time.

That is feelings of job dissatisfaction, lack of sense of purpose, increased burnout and more importantly toxic workplace culture as a result of failure to promote diversity, equity and inclusion and workers feeling disrespected.

In the space of a few years, DE&I went from a nice to have to a must have for businesses to retain and attract the best talent.

When you add to that the fact that 80% of people say a company’s inclusion efforts are an important factor when choosing a company it makes getting started and ensuring you get it right extremely important for employers who want to keep their competitive edge.

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